best friend quotes in english long

“None of us belong to anyone; we belong to everybody”-Robert Bridges

The concept of I belong to you and you belong to me is not foreign to me, but has grown and strengthened in my life. Having no valid contact with the business world, I have had to search for happiness and success by posting my life in general, and my best friend friendship in particular.

best friend quotes in english long

As anyone who has no more than an elementary or secondary degree can understand, the basics of marketing is a pretty hard job to make a smooth ride for yourself. As someone who has taken part in marketing campaigns myself,

I know that you have to surround yourself with amazing people to make a positive market impact. Marketers have some nooks and crannies in which to search for new opportunities and new projects.

Best friend quotes in English

All of this got me wondering: how does one find the best friends who are close enough to make even the smallest difference. As ever, truth be told, they don’t exist. There is only a strange person inside all of us who just, inexplicably, doesn’t get it. I know who it is, and I decided that it is time for this person to look outside.

While the couple myself and Andrew passed on, they all remain and live on in the boys, Ethan and Oliver, who one way or another they chose to grow up close. From either an underlying kind of help from one another, or pure good intentions, everything seems to carry on, albeit perhaps from a different point of view (“Mr. Spock”, Sulu).

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What defines success? I have known nine, three of whom remain close friends today. They move down a different path in all of us — relationships, career choices, hobbies, have a bit of everything in common.

I can’t see how any of us can agree that we are the winners in all of this. There isn’t such a thing as a winner, there are only individuals. In these words, there is plenty of bread winners, winners, runners-up, role players and frustrated journeymen, then there is no winner.

In my mind, there is certainly no one to turn to for support, protection, guidance, competition, inspiration, guidance and companionship. My brother James has always been my rock. His quiet voice, deliberate demeanor, and strong beliefs have helped guide me through some rocky and confusing situations.

His life offers an incredible lesson in determination and, quite frankly, grace. His role as my dad is a blessing and another way to show to this last portion of this journey exactly what is possible.

At the other end of the spectrum there is Clint McCarthy and his memoir, “Things We Saw and Didn’t Have Time to Ask”. Set in Minneapolis, the book is a memoir, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Using his tough past and his powerful understanding of human nature, he confronts us with the complex knots that make life bearable and moving.

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His letters and diary entries capture a deeply familiar and authentic childhood; the world he knew growing up, yet an era now totally gone. The nature of human nature and the truthfulness of his stories, have led me to constantly wonder just who I am and how I should proceed in life. I am grateful, this man has given me a glimpse into who I am, but as we all know, it is exactly that which motivates and inspires me.

Ever find yourself a second too far from the core of why you are looking for support? Feeling lost? The future looking uncertain? Feeling overwhelmed? Seeking peace and distance in a void?

Ready to either go your own way or look back even farther in time? There is, as yet, no best friend, but that doesn’t mean that you are alone. Take a look around you. Remembering that everyone, everywhere has their own peculiarities, needs, and quests will help you connect. I wish you well on the adventure.

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