Business Manager Job Responsibilities


This kind of a person is hired to organize and supervise, in addition to training and improving, the department of marketing. In addition, the one duties also the duties of website designer, as well as reports and analyses the effectiveness of all the marketing and promotions towards customer satisfaction.

Business Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Critical Responsibilities
  • This person must complete the following:
  • Customer Servicing

As the responsibility of customer service begins with the consumers, it is of prime importance to be able to make good impression upon them and respond to queries and make an efficient presentation of the company’s products and services.

With all the customers and clients, the ultimate purpose of this person should be to explain to them everything efficiently. The explanations should reach the audience efficiently, and in addition, the customer service managers must provide a convenient payment/ receipt service also.

Sensory Function

The managerial work is a vital part as according to Allen (2004), which is all about serving and managing the clients should have some visual and physically comfortable impact of each client at the rate which gives the right impression in accordance with the company’s and brand’s image.

This kind of work requires us to guide the client’s attention and provide comfort in order to achieve the highest brand awareness and also lure the interested in purchasing in accordance with the company’s claims.

Promotion of the company’s products

Thus, promotion is an important role for a business manager. The role of a business manager is to create a corresponding organizational image at the method which makes the client confident.

Thus, the promo workers must create a type of a business environment to create satisfaction for the client to make a clear and definite way to the right channel. As a result, the promotion with the help of the clients must take place.

Interaction with customers

This is the final importance of the role of the business manager. The person should meet the clients, make their experience pleasant and also must manage the new clients and the former client’s situation.

In addition, the organization must be organized in such a way which keeps the customers’ satisfaction with their purchases very high. It is a vital role for each manager as the clients want to perceive the benefits of the decisions of the managers, which is their primary loyalty.


The businesses that want to have a positive brand image must have a successful awareness campaign to draw consumers’ attention. Thus, a well managed marketing campaigns such as the one of Winchan Tang provides with information about the products of the brand.

This approach helps the products to be recognized by the consumers. In addition, the direct marketing campaign is one of the main aspects of the business managers’’ work which makes them realize that the organization’s strategy and attention to innovations is also their prime focus.


In the 21st century, the business department is the people-oriented business, as mentioned by Kopelman (2012) as a dominant role of the department is “it is a person-oriented organization that ensures appropriate relationships between individuals and the employees”.

In addition, his description also mentions that any of the business management functions require interdependence of the marketing functions with the other business, and thus, there is a growing demand for the democratic business department.

Management Decision-Making

The manager starts with its well-known role of being the chief personnel in the operation of the company, providing control and trying to solve a wide range of organizational problems. At the same time, he evaluates and analyzes the developments on the daily basis, while he and the front branch face decisions in accordance with the market, customers and employees.


Thus, the management of the business is the main function which requires people to manage it in accordance with the demands of the organization and customers, who are in the running of the company. Thus, the managers are often involved in the job of making the change or reconsidering the importance of the choices made by the company.

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