how can i open my own business with no money

How can I open my own business?

I want to go to the community and tell you what I have been doing lately, as well as shares what I have learned along the way.

I am an entrepreneur, who loves to listen to music and speak first person, and also be involved in helping out others.

I founded BusinessByBusiness in 2018, I am a business coach and wanted to spread my wings by speaking more and teaching small businesses how to get started.

Everything came together and now I have a team of some 20 plus people working with me on different projects.

What are my full time jobs?

I have two jobs which are:

  • – Business coach with the name Do You Matter?
  •  Student at Jonson Hall Building at Avellino University.

Why would I like to set up a business?

I feel I am more successful in my businesses. I find myself winning business from clients that would not have won from just starting a new business. I feel like business is becoming the new job and will lead to a huge change in the way we spend our time and live our lives.

– What keeps me going?


Having faith in yourself is a lot easier when you know that everything you set your heart to will be accomplished. One of the best things I have learnt and relied on has been faith. My two brothers have passed away and they kept us all together through bad times. It made all of us believe we could achieve more and that is a huge focus of mine.

– How have you become the person I know you are today?

A lot of people believe time slows us down, which is not the case at all. We just take longer to get things done, but it’s no different to the generation before us. I think that’s because we feel a bit like we need to make a big difference in the world and I don’t know if doing so would make a difference.

People have always doubted me and it’s affected me in so many ways, which has made me believe I can do anything. Now I’m getting closer to the amount of knowledge I know and I can apply it to improve my business.

How do I find time to do business?

I do live online but try to connect with people offline sometimes. For me it’s a good day when people have come up to me and know something I didn’t know but they want to use that knowledge to make it happen for themselves.

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