how to create a website on google 2021

how to create a website


Website is an Internet site that you or your organization develop so as to make your website easier and more reliable for the internet users. Hence, a website is defined as,

a website is a website which contains catalog or catalogue which is gathered to offer data for customers on the products and services of your organization


Website website design and development

Website website design and development is divided into categories of

According to Nicholson (2014), Website website design and development

1)Web site design

2)Website website development

Web site design

The design of web site is very important because we cannot run the business without our website. We need a company website to enhance the positive publicity of our company which will help gain the trust of the clients. In fact, a company web site is the physical evidence that can be seen by the clients and the internet users who click on your webpage. This stage of website development includes the development of product catalogs and brochures which are very important for marketing

Web site design ensures we maintain the brand of our company. The picture of the logo with the contents of the website brochures, pamphlets, and the business name are considered.

In this stage, we also have to set up the external link of the website so that whenever the clients or internet users are logged into the website, they can see a link to the business website

In this step, we also need to select the appropriate web design software so that our website will look good and attractive. Generally, we need to have more than one logo on our website. We can use different colors and fonts depending on the content we want to communicate to our target customers. Some people choose small font sizes and/or font backgrounds.

The information on the website may be in documents or memos or PDF formatted. When presenting the information through a web site, we need to use the first most legible document so that our target customers can understand the information. Use of high quality fonts and colors helps to uplift our website so that the users’ eyes will not be frustrated when they are scrolling and tapping their feet when they are trying to scan through the web site.

2)Website website development

It also important to ensure that the layout of the web site is properly designed. This is a very important part of website development because if the web site does not have any clear layout, then, the user will no have easy access to the products or services that we are trying to sell to them. Some of the external links of websites do not have a well arranged header or the business name which the users will know where to go after viewing your website. We must have clear header and the web site name.

A good website placement should be provided for the design section of our web site because if the display of the web site is poor, then our business might suffer in the future. Also, web site title should be placed in the navigation bar or in a clear category so that our customers can easily find our web site in search engines.

In this stage, we also need to clearly communicate the contents of the website. Words and word combinations must be used in order to show some information on the website. The function of the web page is also very important. Our web site must be clearly organized so that users can easily find their way to the contents of our web site

3)Web site maintenance

Online and mobile websites can take care of maintenance costs and upkeep. However,, we should ensure that we are sure of the security of our web site, so that customers are able to access our web site and accessing the products or services of our company using an internet connection. The URL (website URL) should be the key identifier of our web site.

In this stage, we need to choose the best web hosting service for our web site. It is very important for us to develop the web site of our website. If we want to gain the trust of our clients and give them a positive experience when they visit our web site, we should go for a web hosting service that will enable us to have data stored online.


In the design and development, there is a lot of calculations that we do in order to ensure that our web site has content and that the presentation is that attractive that our target customers are able to access our web site in search engines.

In the maintenance, a lot of tools are provided by the web hosting company to make sure that our web site is well maintained.

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