how to hack the hidden google chrome dinosaur

If you do have an internet connection, you can access this page without cutting the connection. Type chrome://dino in the address bar, and it will take you there.

How to Hack the Hidden Google Chrome

Hack the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

This hack permits your dinosaur to come to be invincible, letting gamers retain the sport without worry of being poked or pecked.

To hack the sport, you’ll need to be on the “No Internet” screen, so cross in advance and input chrome://dino inside the address bar. Once there, proper-click on anywhere on the display screen and select “Inspect” from the menu that appears.

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+I and jump straight to the “Console” tab in Chrome DevTools.


var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver


This may seem like it does nothing, but we’ll explain why this is necessary in a second.

Next, enter this command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}

On the subsequent line, f () will appear after pressing the “Enter” key.

Here’s what happens now. When the sport is over (i.E., when you hit an object), Runner.Prototype.GameOver() is known as and the motion is precipitated. In this example, you’ll hear a sound, the sport stops, and a Game Over message seems. That’s with out our code.

What our code does is replaces the gameOver function with an empty characteristic. That approach that as opposed to hearing the sound, the game stopping, and the message appearing, not anything happens. You just preserve jogging.

Test it out. Close DevTools, and press the gap bar to begin playing the sport.

As you could see, the dinosaur is unaffected via the cacti or flying creatures. Mission finished.

Now, permit’s say you’ve been gambling for 25 minutes and also you need to forestall the sport and document your high rating. You’ll need a manner to cease the game, which can now not be accomplished by way of strolling right into a cactus.

Remember the first code we entered? That stored the regular gameOver characteristic within the authentic variable. That way we can now execute this command to use the everyday gameOver characteristic:

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