how to start a business in india online 2021

how to start a online selling business in india

After having a brainstorm meeting, each of us started a battle cry – to start a new business online. The question was where to start the new business online? The answer is an online B2B (business to business) business. A B2B business is the business where one business buys from other business. The business can be huge or small but it’s important that the business is established online as it makes it difficult to enter and exit an e-commerce business.


It’s not easy to do a business online. Most businesses don’t launch their business successfully due to their lack of online presence and especially in the huge established e-commerce business. However, it doesn’t have to be this way as there are lots of online tools and websites available to your business that can help you stand out among others.

So, how to start your new business online? So, let’s see which websites are for B2B and B2C (business to consumer) businesses.

1 GoCompare

Go Compare is a well-known and reputable website. It is the third largest website in India with 6 million users with a lot of complaints against the websites. So it is one of the most well-established websites for B2B businesses, especially if you are selling online.

2 Gootak

Gootak is also one of the websites for B2B business, but it is for business to consumers. It has about 2 million users on its websites who have bought something online from Gootak. This website is popular and has high market share because people look for the website to find best price online.

3 Lustfeelings

Lustfeelings is popularly known for its clothes retail chain e-commerce websites. It has a huge market share in India because of the great value that these brands deliver to its customers.

4 has been a popular and preferred website in the Indian market because of its high design and trademark. One of the best websites for B2B business is The best thing about is that the website has hosted thousands of products and merchants within India and also has been continuously maintaining it’s website by updating it with new products.

So, according to which website to start your new business online? There are plenty of websites to choose. There is going to be a lot of competition amongst the websites on each website and so this will be among the most difficult things to do. All the websites like this will have more products and users.

The biggest challenge that I would suggest to start your new website online is to look for the best websites to help you stand out. This is something that the business owner/developer does not want to do.

We will be taking the required steps and recommendations to start a business online on these websites. The main websites for B2B business are website search engines, which can help you in finding the best web pages on which to start your B2B business online.

The website that most of the business owners will start their business online is This website has over 67.5 million monthly visitors. It will be one of the best websites for a small business owner who is launching their new business online.

The next websites will be reported in section 4 as new websites to start your business online.

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