Top 10 highest paying non technical jobs in india

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Non-technical jobs are jobs that don’t need plenty use of generation. In different phrases, non-technical itself says that it is not related to the technical discipline. Non-technical jobs recognition specifically on enterprise-related responsibilities.

In India, many people price technical jobs greater than non-technical jobs and that they think non-technical jobs do now not appear to be a higher alternative.

There is a commonplace false impression amongst people that working in a non-technical sector might no longer provide the equal experience of success as operating in a technical discipline.

However, did you know that a technical firm gives 43% of non-technical positions?

Well, in this blog, I’ll go through eight non technical jobs that might be a higher healthy for you.

Apart from that, I’ll point out two more non-technical jobs that require a higher stage of training and their incomes is extra than other non-technical jobs which might be cited.

So, let’s see what they are?

highest paying non technical jobs in india

1. Business Analytics.

A professional who studies the shortcomings in an industry or corporates after which organizes matters in a structured manner is known as a commercial enterprise analyst.

Business analytics act as a bridge among the enterprise hassle and the technology answer. They assist corporations in improving their goods and offerings thru records analysis.

Responsibility of Business Analytics.

  1. Assessing business strategies, forecasting wishes, figuring out improvement opportunities, and designing and imposing answers
  2. Maintaining present day know-how of the maximum current approach and IT innovations to simplify and modernize approaches.
  3. To conduct meetings and displays to percentage thoughts and findings with the organisation.
  4. To Assist in the Execution of the Project
  5. To make clear the venture’s facts with agency or corporates
    Updating, imposing, and preserving techniques.
  6. Prioritising tasks focused at the necessities and needs of the organization.
  7. Assisting stakeholders and customers as a liaison.
  8. Managing resources and goals which might be in assessment.
  9. Monitoring undertaking deliverables and ensuring that obligations are completed on agenda.
  10. Providing junior body of workers with leadership, instruction, training steering.

Skills and Education Required:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in business management, finance, or accounting is required to work as a enterprise analyst.
  2. Interpersonal and consultative abilties are essential.
  3. Communication abilties, such as oral and written
  4. Possess analytical and hassle-fixing capabilities.
  5. Organising abilties
  6. Understanding of the corporation’s characteristic
  7. Analysis of Stakeholders
  8. Analyze the charges and blessings
  9. Knowledge of networks, databases, and different kinds of technology is wanted.


In India, the common annual profits for business analytics is set 6 lakhs. Once you have obtained extra experience on this area, your salary could be improved.

2. Investment Bankers

An investment banker is a person who assists individuals, agencies, and governments in making an investment money to grow their property.

They propose customers about where they could put their cash to make cash.

Investment bankers play a essential function in making investment choices that assist organizations make cash.

They help the investor in making a Proper investment selection.

An investment banker makes choices which includes when to make investments inside the stock market, whether to hold or promote a inventory and a way to negotiate with diverse corporations, and so forth.

Responsibility of Investment Banking

  1. To grow enterprise by way of growing properly relationships with new and current clients.
  2. To extensively studies the marketplace situation and present the state of affairs to a client.
  3. To come up with a right technique to the customer’s hassle.
  4. To figuring out emerging marketplace opportunities
  5. To address the war and the hobby
  6. To provide the patron with monetary advice
  7. To assist and lead the execution of dynamic customer purchase-aspect and sell-aspect transactions, as well as fundraising efforts.

Skill and Education Required

  1. To work as an investment banker, you’ll want one of the ranges noted underneath.
  2. Bachelor in Business Administration (B.Com) Honourable.
  3. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance/Economics is a diploma in finance or economics.
  4. Finance Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
  5. A sturdy analytical modeling ability is needed.
  6. Have brilliant communique and verbal competencies.
  7. Need a good way to multitask when assembly tight cut-off dates.
  8. Good control talents are required.
  9. Need have a robust network talent to connect to human beings from diverse industries.
  10. Good analytic abilties are wished.
  11. Maintain a wonderful working dating along with your consumer.
  12. Have a strong grasp of finance, economics, and advertising and marketing.


An funding banker’s beginning income is set 3 lakh in keeping with yr. The common annual income of an investment banker is about nine.Five lakhs.

Once you’ve received complete know-how of the career and enough revel in, your annual salary can be as excessive as 30 lakh.


3. Product Manager

A product manager is a person who develops merchandise that meet the needs of clients and the marketplace, as well as ensuring that the product is a viable commercial enterprise opportunity.

In addition, the product supervisor ensures that the goods being advanced support the enterprise’s general plan and dreams.

The product supervisor outlines the product vision and develops a plan to get the product into manufacturing. Their function is to supervise the whole product development system from begin to complete.

If you need to grow to be a product supervisor then one of the first-class approaches to begin your career in the area is via turning into an Associate product supervisor.

Responsibilities of Product Manager.

  1. To describe the product’s marketplace plan and comprehensive roadmap
  2. To apprehend the requirements of customers
  3. Understand the market’s flaws and then create a product to address those flaws.
  4. To collaborate closely with the engineer, income, and marketing teams so that the product runs easily and clients are satisfied.
  5. To conduct an aftermarket have a look at of a product’s pricing
  6. To reviewing product and sale cost
  7. Prepare a prediction based at the income of products that have happened.
  8. To recruit staff after which teach them as in keeping with product control
  9. To make a manufacturing control workforce for a specific product

Skill and Education Required

  1. A bachelor’s or grasp’s diploma in a enterprise-associated subject is required for a product management function
  2. Data analysis is a technique that must be understood.
  3. Need to broaden strategic thinking
  4. Skills in analytics are wanted
  5. Marketing skills are wanted.
  6. Have notable verbal exchange talents
  7. Team-constructing and control capabilities are needed
  8. Strong leadership characteristics are needed.


Expect a profits of approximately 7 to eight lakh in keeping with annum when you first start as a product manager.

The common annual income is set 16 lakh in step with annum in India. If you’ve got enough experience within the subject, you could expect to earn about 30 lakh in line with year.

4. Technical Writer

Technical writing is the method of writing technical understanding in a manner that makes it easier for others to understand and the individual that does this writing is referred to as a technical creator.

Simply, we are able to say that a technical writer is a person who focuses on moving complex technical facts in a clean and understandable way.

A technical author serves as a hyperlink among technical and non-technical employees. Technical writing jobs in India are projected to grow by using 10% inside the next few years.

Responsibility for Technical Writing

  1. Examine a pattern of a product and do complete studies at the product.
  2. To write a simple document that the give up-user would recognize effortlessly.
  3. To shape a specialized technical record, a technical writer collaborates closely with a picture clothier, information analyst, content material author, and product supervisor.
  4. Compile a exquisite record that follows the hints set by using the company and that’s suitable for the target audience.
  5. To create clear, smooth-to-understand steering.
  6. To act according with the corporation’s standards.

Skills and Education Required

  1. For turning into a Technical author there is no specified diploma or diploma certificate path available. But if you have a bachelor’s diploma in any field you can practice for a non-technical writer.
  2. If you’ve got a bachelor’s diploma in English literature then your chances of getting technical creator jobs will growth.
  3. To hold robust tremendous skills.
  4. Need an excellent writing ability.
  5. Need a very good listening talent.
  6. Need to have true important questioning competencies.


A technical author’s starting earnings is between three and four lakhs according to 12 months. Technical writers can expect to earn among Rs. Five-6 lakh on common.

5.Operation Manager

The operation managers are the people who ensure that the proper methods and regulations are observed in the business enterprise.

Their primary assignment is to determine whether or now not the entirety is strolling easily.

They coordinated with unique departments inside an organisation to acquire the quit goal.

Hiring group of workers, negotiating contracts, differentiating commercial enterprise thoughts, knowledge and leading the work crew for that undertaking are all sports that operations managers perform.

Responsibilities of Operation Manager.

  1. Take a near study how deliver chains are managed.
  2. To ensure that every one operations are performed in a timely and cost-powerful way.
  3. Employees ought to be employed primarily based on the employer’s requirements.
  4. To compare a selection of conditions after which provide the group and organization with a great answer
  5. Up so far with the new technology to satisfy the wishes of the industry
  6. To assemble a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual metrics file
  7. To verify the worker and offer remarks.
  8. To act according with the enterprise’s desires.
  9. To educate the worker underneath the procedure to be done.

Skill Required to Become an Operation Manager.

  1. To work as an operation supervisor, you ought to have a bachelor’s degree in commercial enterprise administration
  2. Need in an effort to lead a group correctly
  3. Need to have an effective communication talent
  4. It is vital to have precise organizational capabilities.
  5. Need to have time management competencies
  6. Need if you want to deal with strain at work
  7. Have a terrific interpersonal ability


An operation supervisor’s beginning salary in India isn’t particularly high. The common annual revenue for an operations manager is round 7 to eight lakh rupees. After gaining sufficient revel in, a revenue of as much as Rs. 20 lakh consistent with annum is viable.

6. Digital Marketing Profession

Marketing refers to the act of selling a service or product and whilst it is accomplished through a digital platform it is called virtual advertising.

In simple phrases, virtual marketing humans are folks who market products on the digital platform.

If you’re someone who has right interpersonal competencies and is acquainted with the era then you ought to sincerely don’t forget your profession in digital advertising. It not handiest offers you an opportunity to work from the comfort of your home however also assist you grow your earnings resources even if you do not pick it as your everyday activity. To boost product income, the digital marketing career advertises the commercial enterprise on specific social media channels which includes social media, Google advertising, and so on.


  1. To develop a market-making plans strategy
  2. Implement the product’s SEO/SEM
  3. Attempt to formulate a plan for growing visitors to the corporation’s internet site.
  4. Keep up with the most current marketing technology.
  5. To plan and execute a virtual advertising campaign.
  6. Carry out a advertising and marketing approach centered on email and SMS.

Skills Required.

  1. There isn’t any such aspect as a Digital Marketing degree. But human beings having bachelor’s tiers in accounting, economics, or advertising are desired.
  2. Several personal institutes offer virtual advertising and marketing certification courses.
  3. This path may be as brief as six months or so long as a year.
  4. To be capable of manage clients
  5. Writing and modifying capabilities are wished.
  6. Know the advertised designing ability.
  7. Need to understand about social media marketing talent
    Have a firm draw close of client dating control skills.


In India, a fresher inside the digital advertising and marketing area will earn approximately three lakh consistent with yr.

The common annual earnings may be up to five lakh rupees, With better pay ranging up to 13 lakh rupees.

7. Legal Advisor

A felony guide is a professional who oversees an character’s or company’s prison affairs. They additionally fight severa legal battles in courtroom on behalf of the employer or entity.

They’re the corporate regulation firm’s counsel. They offer criminal advice to groups to help them in resolving employee disputes and different conflicts.


  1. To take whole liability for all prison matters.
  2. To look into and remedy a prison trouble for a patron in a prison way.
  3. To assist the client in resolving the conflict.
  4. To offer prison advice to the purchaser on a ramification of felony troubles
  5. To take a look at the cooperative’s legal file

Skills and Education

  1. A B.L.L.B. Degree is needed to work as a Legal Advisor.
  2. Negotiation is the maximum important legal talent.
  3. They need to be capable of communicate efficaciously each in writing and orally.
  4. They should be capable of solve conflicts.
  5. They must be capable of suppose seriously.
  6. They should be capable of make selections and use their judgment skills.
  7. Need to be an active listener.


A legal marketing consultant can earn up to two-three lakhs in step with yr on the access level. If we talk about the common profits, it is about 5-6 lakhs in line with yr. The highest annual revenue reaches up to Rs. 20 lakh.

8. Media Professional

Media Professionals are those who provide information reviews on social events taking location around the arena.

They record on social problems which might be both country wide or international in range. So that People of society are aware of what is going on in the global.

There are varieties of media on which you could work:

  • Print media
  • Broadcasting Media

Print media introduces new statistics in the form of written words. Example newspaper.

Responsibilities of the Media Profession

  1. To provide independent information to audiences.
  2. To work according to the norms set by the media Industry.
  3. To document the news and make it public as soon as possible.
  4. To Closely monitor the matters going around society
  5. To stay up to date with the latest laws set by way of governments
  6. To gather and write breaking news.

Skill and Education Required

  1. To work as a media professional, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
  2. To need right social verbal exchange competencies
  3. Need to have headline developing talents
  4. Ability to convey your news to audiences
  5. Need to be brilliant in stay reporting capabilities and feature desirable camera presentation abilties.


The media profession has various varieties of jobs inside them so the income of a majority of these isn’t the same as every other.

Then also if we will say that a fresher inside the media subject earns around 1.2 lakhs – 1.8 lakhs in step with annum. And if we visit an average of the media career jobs then incomes is round 4 lakhs per annum.

If you advantage sufficient enjoy and start to host unique prime time media suggests or emerge as a first-rate editor then your revenue could be tons higher than different media works and it is able to attain up to 16 lakhs in keeping with 12 months.

9. Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant is a licensed accountant who manages a enterprise’s accounting and taxes. Filing tax returns, economic statements, and auditing are among their responsibilities.

A chartered accountant is extremely beneficial to a rustic’s economic development. They could be capable of locate work in both the public and private sectors.


  1. To keep music of the company’s account and document economic statements.
  2. To look into the regions of taxes and value accounting
  3. To examine the corporation’s financial scenario
  4. Check for and pick out fraud, then take steps to avoid it.
  5. Advising customers on the way to develop their commercial enterprise

Skills and Education Background

  1. To be a CA, You should skip exams which include the CPT (Common Proficiency Test), IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course), and FC (Financial Competency Course) (Final direction).
  2. An character may recall becoming a Chartered Accountant after completing all of these steps.
  3. Have a clean know-how of mathematics
  4. Be an awesome reader who understands what you are listening to.
  5. Have an excellent potential to talk in public
  6. Need as a way to resolve complicated problems
  7. Have notable management talents
  8. You have to be a terrific listener.


The salary of a CA in India isn’t always very good. Their salaries are smaller than the ones of other nations. Freshers must anticipate to acquire between ₹4-five lakh consistent with year.

The average earnings is among ₹ nine-10 lakh rupees in step with annum, with the most income accomplishing 40 lakh rupees consistent with annum

10.Medical Profession

In India, the clinical career is one of the maximum commonplace non-technical jobs. Health experts, inclusive of docs, nurses, and scientific employees, are examples.

Many people in India provide the scientific entrance examination every yr to end up docs. It is an evergreen region on the grounds that a healthcare machine is wanted so long as there are residing beings.

In this region, each authorities and private jobs are open. By establishing a health center, Medical Store, you could begin your own commercial enterprise on this discipline.

In India, there is still a excessive demand for doctors. Due to India’s massive population, call for does not appear to be waning.


  1. Health professions have a large responsibility to serve humanity.
  2. To work within the scientific zone per government rules.
  3. To function a function version for individuals who aspire to attain this diploma in the clinical sector inside the destiny.


  1. They want a specific diploma in the scientific region wherein they desire to perform.
  2. They need to have appropriate public talking talents
  3. Emotional fortitude talent is needed.
  4. Have the capacity to assume speedy.
  5. Maintain a fantastic mind-set in each situation.

Salary and Education Background

The scientific region includes a wide variety of positions. Its income tiers from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh in keeping with annum. The profits can rise or fall relying in your positions inside the quarter.

However, if we take a look at the average income in India as an entire, we can estimate that it is approximately 7 lakhs in line with 12 months. There are a diffusion of clinical specialties, inclusive of gastroenterology, that pay the best salaries up to 60 lakhs consistent with 12 months.

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